Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Lost TwentyEleven


Not that it was lost, just hard to be lost in the thoughts of mint green in New York. I spent most of the rest of TwentyEleven on the road. Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Waikiki Beach, Anaheim, San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Appleton, Milwaukee, and Wausau. But not to worry, whether I was here or not, life moved forward.

Thanks to a zany snowstorm, I went urban snowboarding:

Brett knitted his first scarf:

We went to the NYPD Museum:

After moving in early summer, I realized I'm within walking distance of the best view of lower Manhattan:


And unicorns:

For my birthday, Brett got me a new set of wheels:

During the threat of Hurricane Irene, I volunteered with CERT to help set-up a shelter:


And we cleared our deck of the all the plants:

Packed up our Go Bags and some emergency supplies on bikes and headed to higher ground:

Even Ody (on the back of the bike):

Who enjoyed playing board games until the storm passed:

We went camping in the Santa Cruz mountains with Brett's brother's family. I absolutely love this picture of everyone:

I met up with Brett in New Orleans and had a fancy dinner date:

We continued our fanciness and attended a ball:

Bruce the (mini) spruce joined our plant family and was the perfect Christmas tree:

TwentyEleven came to a end almost as quickly as it began. Not to worry, 2012 is moving right along.