Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Green!

I am very lucky that on occasion, Brett will let me join him at his studio and help on a project. My work mode is either running around at an event or sitting in front of a computer. There is something very calming about doing physical work, like sanding or painting. It relaxes me. I managed to take a Wednesday off, and bike down to his studio to work on a set of bookcases. He was insulating them and decided to use Green Fiber insulation:

My job was to fill the bookcases with the insulation:

It was really nifty because the insulation was obviously recycled materials including paper, foil, candy wrappers, and even the sticky part of a band-aid (don't worry, I was wearing gloves and a mask the whole time):

It's good to know that we are able to reuse old materials for things like insulation. It really means that as a society we have the ability to be more environmentally friendly in our building techniques, if only people would make the choice to do so.

I thought the whole green-themed building project was made even cuter by our pair of green jackets:

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