Monday, May 31, 2010

Sebago Canoe Club

On Saturday, Blake invited Maya and I to join him on a bike trip out to the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie for its open house. We biked six miles to get there over Eastern Parkway.

Eastern Parkway is a beautiful route right now. All the trees are very green, and people are sitting on the benches simply enjoying the wonderful weather. That is one of the best parts of New York. The warm weather outdoor hang out. Be it on a porch, stoop, park bench, or just the sidewalk.

Once at Sebago Canoe Club, we were given a tour of their very nice set-up. It's all volunteer run, and the people were extremely knowledgeable about water activities and safety. We each wore a life jacket and were given a brief lesson on how to kayak.

We kayaked out to Jamaica Bay, and all I could do was try not to think about the gross water dripping on me from the paddles. I just had to make myself be willing to except that I would need at least three showers to feel clean again. But it was so much fun. When I'm in New York, it's easy to forget about the great activities that exist in nature. Even within city limits.

None of my actual family lives in New York, and this is not a place where it is easy to survive without that type of support. I'm very lucky because I've managed to develop a family here among my group of friends including Blake and Maya. And as you can see, we are safety first kind of family. We all wear helmets and use the New York City bike chain.

One of the events for the 2010 LGRAB Summer Games is to do a family ride. Between the bike ride, BBQ, and kayaking, I think this is the perfect example to use for a summer family ride.

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