Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Last Sunday, Maya and Blake organized a scavenger hunt as part of the Robert Moses Walk Project. In March, Blake did walks with individuals exploring parks in their neighborhoods that Robert Moses had created. During each of the walks, a photographic image was noted, and used as the basis for the scavenger hunt. My team did an incredible job with the 15 images we were sent out to find. My favorite was the task of finding a location dedicated to children that never sees sunlight. We went to the Brooklyn Public Library main branch in Grand Army Plaza, and found an area in the children section of the library where no natural light exists. Here is our interpretation of the photographic memory from an earlier walk:

It was interesting to explore parts of the city with friends and keeping our eyes peeled for things we might not have been looking for (i.e. clothes on a clothesline). More importantly it was fun to explore the concept of memory and how things are constantly changing, and the difference between people's memories.

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