Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I had my first Summer Friday. I get a series of Fridays off to enjoy the fun of the city. Brett and I took this Friday to have an impromptu bike tour of Red Hook.

I've never explored Red Hook via bike, and it was lovely. En route we took a bike greenway.

As you can tell from this photo, New York greenways are a little different than in other cities. You might end up riding next to a giant orange truck.

Red hook was really lovely. It's difficult to get to via public transportation, so it's a wonderful secluded artist community. We stopped in the Red Hook Bait and Tackle to watch the World Cup.

Afterward, we decided to have a bicycle picnic. We stopped at Fairway and got picnic supplies including a bunch of berries.

We had lunch overlooking the Statue of Liberty. It was so beautiful, and we managed to get quite a spread from Fairway.

Brett has been working in Red Hook since he moved to Brooklyn, but it's never really been in my neck of the borough. I really like the area, and the people. I got a flat en route, and a buddy of Brett's provided us with a patch kit and some water to find the hole. Of course this would happen the one day I don't bring my bike kit, and Brett has no patches.

Red Hook is such a beautiful place, and everyone is very friendly.

As the LGRAB Summer Games comes to a close today, I thought this post which fulfills three tasks: ride a greenway, explore a new part of town, and have a bicycle picnic would be a wonderful way to end my time in this event.

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  1. Ha, I love the NYC greenway! That is so awesome. Great pictures of the details of the city.

    I think everyone should get Summer Fridays!