Saturday, July 3, 2010

Taking the Long Way Home

At the end of the work day, I aim to get on my bike and get home as quickly as possible. I use one of the shortest routes possible with the least amount of incline. It's a beautiful ride, but I hardly see anything new. I took a different route on Tuesday and took a right on 5th Avenue when I normally would have headed straight. I like 5th Avenue. It has a lot of shops that are really adorable, and some cool-looking bars. It's one of those places I don't think to go because it's just far enough to be inconvenient, but not far enough to seem like a journey. Riding down it during the evening rush hour was nice. It's a share bike like, so it can get a little tight when there is traffic moving in both directions. I made a left on Union Street to begin heading home. Union has a much steeper incline than my normal route, and intersects with Grand Army Plaza. The tree line street was lovely:

It made my ride a little tougher to take a longer route. But it also meant I didn't just pop on my bike and go home. I took a much more leisurely approach, and arrive a with a slight pep in my step. Thanks LGRAB Summer Games for making what seemed like an annoying task really enjoyable.

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