Friday, August 20, 2010

The Office

So, this is how my Thursday went:

I came into the office focused on texting Brett when I looked over to see two of my co-workers staring at me. After asking "What?" a couple times, I sat down and began my day. Until out of no where, I faced my desk and saw my cubicle all decorated!!!

I wore the crown all day, including at meetings and enjoyed the compliments about my aging gracefully, and the new-found ability to drink *wink*wink*.

I seem to miss all the obvious "we're celebrating your birthday signs" because when I finished a meeting in my boss' office, I completely missed that everyone was gone from the area. I thought I was going to another impromptu meeting, when goodness me! Everyone was in the conference room with brownies!!! It was really wonderful to feel incredibly special, especially with the people I spend most of my weekdays with. I jumped up and down and squealed with delight!

I brought the balloons home to enjoy for the rest of birthday month, and Ody discovered the joy of them as well.

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